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Chiropractic Care and Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow Treatment in Lisle

Tennis Elbow is a condition that affects the tendons and muscles around the elbow joint. This condition is similar to Golfer's Elbow, but it specifically affects the outside of the elbow; whereas, Golfer's Elbow affects the inner elbow. Tennis Elbow is closely related to tennis and other activities that involve repeated motions with the forearm and elbow. Tennis Elbow is one of many conditions that is considered a repetitive stress/strain injury since it takes repeated forceful movements of the hand, wrist, and elbow to cause this condition. People with Tennis Elbow typically experience pain in the outer part of their elbow and in the forearm tendons. Tennis Elbow will cause people to experience pain, loss of hand strength, and numbness in the hands and neck.

The common issue between Golfer's Elbow and Tennis Elbow is how it affects the nerves in the arms. Inflammation in the elbow area can cause nerve impingements and lead to more severe pain and numbness in other parts of the arm, shoulder, and neck. Fortunately, a chiropractor at DuPage Family Chiropractic can help relieve pain from tennis elbow by providing joint manipulations in the elbow and shoulder to allow the nerves to flow freely without impingement. A chiropractor will also search for misalignments in the cervical and thoracic spine to adjust those areas as well.

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